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{September 4, 2013}   Oh my WordPress…

Well would you look at that, I’ve neglected by blog… again…

Sorry about that.

I’ve been studying rather hard (*snort*) for uni this semester, and almost forgot that I had a blog all together. Again, my bad. But I have been getting quite a bit done this semester. Including helping found a University Society. We are the Pagan and Esoteric Society, fondly knows around as the P&E Society.

We’re thinking about changing it to PAGES. I like it. It’s got a ring to it.

In any case, that is basically what I wanted to say. Three of the members of PAGES (see, doesn’t it just read so much better) are collaborating our blogs for the purpose of getting together a bit of a shared-blogisphere thing for the society. Which means I may be updating this thing a lot more.


Anyway, apart from that, here’s a basic update in dot-point form:
– I’ve become Marketer for the Tasmanian Anime and Manga Society
– I’ve become President for the Pagan and Esoteric Society
– I’ve settled in to my place quite well
– I have a blender

Yup, I think that’s everything important.

Also, as I type this I am in Melbourne after having seen King Kong the Musical in the Regent Theatre last night. If you are in the general vicinity (and by that I mean anywhere in Australia, because come on) you should definitely head out to see it. The hydraulic work and the skill of the puppeteers alone is worth it. I wasn’t a fan of the musical score, but the singing was phenomenal.

Anyway, I’m done. See you guys next time.

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So this happened.

I’ve been so excited about this, that by time it came around I was more than a little nervous to do it. Especially since, you know, it’s bellydancing for a friggin music video. I think I was entitled to freak out a little bit. Especially since, even though I do not have the body for it, I was dancing in a straight skirt and a decorated bra. Yup. Don’t think about it too hard, it’s not a nice visual.

I have discovered from this that I would much rather be behind the camera when this kind of thing is going down. Not when there’s acting or cosplaying to be done, but when I’m not wearing much I very much enjoy being either behind the camera or right at the back of the dancing pack. Which, thankfully, I was.

Anyway, the filming went really well, and I hope that post is going well too. It was a bit surreal, and at the same time very sobering to find out first hand exactly what goes in to filming things. I mean, I’ve been a part of college-level film projects before, but this was a lot different. Really, it gave me a good insight into the workings of filming music videos, which will be really useful when I finally get enough people to actually film the so fucking many cosplay music videos that I’ve been planning and directing in my head.

But back on topic, the filming went really well, I think Neha and the rest were really happy with it, and it was fun getting ready and dancing. So it wasn’t so bad. It only felt like it because I decided it was a good idea to watch some of the footage, which someone with confidence issues should never do, and then it took me a while to get back into it and start having fun again.

So, lesson of today is: if you don’t have very high self esteem, and you’re involved in the filming of a music video, don’t watch the footage until it’s too late to do anything about it. Just saying,

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{April 3, 2013}   Anime Island Conventon, 2013

Well this review has been a while in the making. I did mean to get onto it before, but you know, university and all that jazz.

So, as you may know, Tasmania’s Anime Island Convention was on the 16th and 17th of March. It was a pretty good con as far as small town conventions go. I’ve noticed just by surfing the Manifest website that it seems to borrow some (read: lots of) events from that convention. But that didn’t make it any less awesome.

Saturday was pretty great for Fruits Fashion. I ended up cosplaying on the first day, but I have realized that going as Marauder Era Remus Lupin to a small town convention that is probably not full of Harry Potter nerds probably isn’t a good idea. I did get complimented on my scar makeup by someone though, so I guess it’s not a completely wasted effort.

Test makeup... I somehow lost my "on-the-day" photo.

Test makeup… I somehow lost my “on-the-day” photo.

The whole “theme” this year was Steampunk, pretty much, which is awesome. So there were quite a few steampunk-inspired outfits in the Fruits Fashion Competition. And for the first time that I’ve been there, there were some guys decked out in frocks and jewelry. I thought that is was pretty awesome, to be honest. Some of the outfits were just out of this world in detail, and some were… well… not really hard worked on, to say the least. But the whole idea is to have fun, and people definitely did that.

Captain Syn, showing us how it's done.

Captain Syn, showing us how it’s done.

There were some pretty great events, including Cosplay Mystery Date. I managed to get a place on the ‘contestant’ side of one of them. I was up against Aerith and… some person from Homestuck I think. Needless to say, I didn’t win that, but it turns out that the “bachelor” was someone that I follow on DeviantArt. Small world.

Sunday was the day for cosplaying, and in true me-fashion, I decided not to torture my body anymore and went in “normal” clothes. I say normal in that they weren’t cosplay, but they weren’t every day clothes either. Anyway, enough on that. There were some really awesome cosplays, including a Kingdom Hearts group, some Ouran Hosts and a rather irate Final Fantasy VII Sid. There were some people cosplaying from anime, manga and games that I’ve never heard of before, some old favorites and some amazing cosplay feats (you know, massive arse wings, that kind thing). It was a great turn out, and the people who won really did deserve it. Including HAPPYHAHA, the same DeviantArtist that I mentioned before as being my ‘bachelor’.

First time cosplayers. Her hair... just... whut?!

First time cosplayers. Her hair… just… whut?!

Oh my god the wings...

Oh my god the wings…

HAPPYHAHA, winner of the Best Constructed.

HAPPYHAHA, winner of the Best Constructed

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay late on either day since I had work both nights, but I managed to get in to the auction on the last day (though I missed Saturday’s MA15+ auction). And since sellers in the Traders Hall don’t like packing up all their stuff again, they tend to put everything on sale in the last couple of hours. So many bargains. I bought quite a few Avengers inspired things. I regret nothing.


Subtle nerdiness…


I’m not even trying anymore


Slightly less subtle…

I didn’t manage to get a photo of me with the Captain America that was walking around though. That was a bit disappointing.

Overall AI-Con, while not being the greatest con, was a delight to go to. I love getting back together with people and having fun. Conventions are always great places to catch up with people who have the same interests as you do.

And now that it’s over, I’ve actually joined the Tasmanian Anime and Manga Society at my university, so I’m getting to know a lot of amazing people who have so much to offer and share. I’m so lucky to be a part of such a fantastic community.

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Wow, it has been so friggin long since I actually updated this thing. Not that I haven’t been writing or anything, it’s just that between photos going missing and my devices messing up and losing some of the entries that I was working on, I really haven’t got a really well documented months worth of posts to upload. And since I have at least a months worth of my life missing I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep going with my 365 blog posts. Really, instead of making me more organized with my life, it was stressing me out that I had to remember to take a photo and think of something to write about every single day without fail. I think it would just have been easier to do a photo album. I don’t know if I will be able to do the 5 year diary that my mother is planning on doing, but at least I could try that without feeling that I have to entertain as well as document.

So what is news in the world of me? Since New Year I have met some of the most amazing people, and made so many new friends that I am going to be really happy to keep in my life from now on. I miss some of them already, if I’m being honest. Annabelle and Manami are both off doing more work, and I miss meeting up at Hudson’s and talking over coffee, or having a drink after dinner and watching YouTube videos together. I’m looking forward to seeing Annabelle in August when we both go to Manifest together.

Yes! I am definitely going to Manifest in Melbourne in August (16th – 18th). I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to be cosplaying over the three days, but I might be able to convince the people I’m going with to be Marauders with me, like I was at AI-Con this year. But that… that’s a story for a whole other blog post. So many things need to be said about AI-Con.

On a slightly related note, the university Anime and Manga Society has started hosting screenings, and I have made some really neat friends from it. It’s been a really fantastic experience. Especially since the woman who helps organize and run the screenings is part of a pagan gathering that meets every Tuesday at lunch time, which is one of my one-class days. I’m really looking forward to being a part of a pagan community again, as well as a Japan-loving community. Cosplaying is so much more fun when you do it with friends.

In any case, I guess what I really wanted to get at was that life has been pretty good, and that I will be updating a bit more frequently, but I will not be continuing the 365 blog posts that I started at the beginning of this year. Life is way too short, and way too full of assignments, to worry about writing something that might not even entertain anyone every day.

I’ll have a post up in a few days about AI-Con, the highlights and the lowlights. I will also have a post up summarizing everything that is in the surviving daily posts I managed to save over the last month. It will have lots of photos, so look out for it.

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I don't think rice is going to fix this.

I don’t think rice is going to fix this.

Well, shit. The first real day of my detox and things have already gone pear shaped. I was trying to document my week of detox via film, but apparently my mini-tripod hates me and fell over. And dunked the top of my camera into the almost-completed shake mixture. I panicked so hard and just cried over it for a good 15 minutes, all the while getting my boyfriend on the phone to ask what to do, doing it, and cleaning everything up. I really hope that the rice is going to fix it, but I have a bad feeling that it’s not. And if that’s the case, then I’m going to have to buy a new camera… even though this one was a present from my mum.

Other than that, the day went pretty good. Leaving out the Lecithin was a really good idea. As was straining the shake before I drank it. Though that may have taken away some of the vital components, so I’m going to try it without straining it tomorrow. I had to give my work mate a lift to pick up her car from where she parked it yesterday, since she was too drunk to pick it up herself last night, but apart from that all I did was some housework, since the family is coming up tomorrow, and I’m getting kicked out of my room to make room for them. The getting kicked out I don’t mind so much (well, I do, but I put up with it), but the fact that my cousin has three young children who are going to be sleeping in the room that I classify as my sacred space, worries me a little. It worries me every time, because every time I think that they’re going to break something, or pick up something sharp from my altar, or accidentally swallow one of my tumbled stones. And now, with the addition of my ancestral shrine, I am twice as worried. There are things that I have placed on there that I do not want them to touch, but really shouldn’t have to move just because we’re having family over.

I mean, they treat our house like their shack. I really don’t have any expectations that there are going to be too many boundaries. I guess we’ll see what happens when the time comes.

On a different note, my dog has some kind of throat sickness. We have to feed her cough syrup three times a day. Even with a syringe, she doesn’t make it easy for us. That’s something I am not looking forward to doing over the next couple of days.

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Work mates are always fun.

Work mates are always fun.

I am so happy right now you guys. Not only did I have an amazing day, but my boyfriend got his license this morning. I let him drive my car this morning, which was scary, but I’m so proud of him.

Anyway, work brunch was great. I got there a little bit late since I had to be there for the test, and I had to pick up the mugs that we had made for our two bosses, but it was fun. The staff had decided to make mugs with the things we heard the most over the summer printed on the back of them, so our floor manager got “Steady but civilized”, since that’s what she usually says to the customers when they ask how the day as been, and our pasta chef got “Tell them to f@#! off” on his. Yes, that is what we heard most this summer. Especially when someone ordered soup on a 40 degree day. And sometimes we really wanted to carry out his orders, but we never did. Anyway, I put in the order for the mugs yesterday morning while I was in town, and picked them up this morning. They looked terrific. I forgot to take a photo of them, so I can’t show you guys, but they were just brilliant quality.

After all that happened today, the icing on the cake was having one of my work mates up to mine, when she was completely shit-faced. It was absolutely hilarious.

On the down side, this detox shake thing tastes like crap. Not even joking. It smells even worse. I am going to try it tomorrow without the lecithin and see if that helps at all. I sincerely hope that it does.

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Detox time!!

Detox time!!

Orientation week at uni is always so hectic. I’m so glad that I don’t have to do all that stuff this year. It was so crazy last year, and this year was no different. I dropped off my boyfriend this morning and pretty much left to get coffee after that. It was nice to be able to sit in the Ref and use the internet again. I had other errands to run, but the best thing is that I was able to take back the capsules and get the actual ingredients. I am so excited to try this detox, but I have my end of summer work function tomorrow, so I’m going to get a taste for it during the day and start the proper detox on Thursday.

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Yeah, so I’ve been cosplaying all day… your point?

Today was possibly the most fun I’ve had in such a long time. I got some videos of dinner, so I’m going to edit the funny parts and put them up on YouTube, probably on my personal channel for now, but I may decide to upload one to Fandom Hearts. I loved hanging out with Manami and Annabelle today. Manami and I spent almost the whole day watching things like REPO and Ouran HSHC, as well as just sitting around in cosplay. She washed her face before we went to dinner, so her whiskers came off, but it was so much fun.

Eventually we all went and had dinner at the local Roadhouse (fish and chips, nothing fancy), and cosplayed there as well. We may have gotten some odd looks, but it was still pretty awesome. I had a bit of an impromptu photo shoot at our friend’s house, where the girls are staying the night. Manami and Annabelle ended up swapping wigs and Annabelle and I got some really cool photos on her camera. When I get them off of her, I’m going to edit them and put them up on DeviantArt. They won’t be up for a while since they’re both travelling tomorrow, but hopefully I’ll have them up before I go back to university on Monday.

If anyone is wondering, the above photo is our “oh-shit-I’m-in-a-hurry” Alternative Universe Sasuke and Naruko. Our conversation went pretty much like this:

R: “So we’re cosplaying to dinner as Naruto and Sasu-gay.”
A: “Aw, I could have been Shikamaru, but my bag is already packed.”
R: “You know that long blond wig I have? How about female Naruto?”
A: “Ah hell, why not?”
R: “Sweet.”

Yeah, pretty much like that. I am very excited to get the photos to edit. I really love some of the shots, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them ends up as my Facebook profile picture.

On a side note, anyone who is interested in a little drama going on in America at the moment, just check out this link for all the gossip on FOX New’s new “scandal”. Honestly, I find it a really funny news story, but I guess people are worried that the less intelligent people out there will believe this kind of false reporting. So for good measure, I’ve added a link to TipToeChick’s rebuttal to this story.

So, that’s all for now. My apologies for the late posts, but my internet it only just started working properly again.

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Wallaby pizza.

Wallaby pizza.

So it’s Sunday. It’s the last night that Manami is with us. And so I worked the day shift, but got to spend the afternoon eating Wallaby pizza and sending the photos to Annabelle over Facebook to tease her that she wasn’t having it with us. I’m really sad that Manami is leaving tomorrow, but I’m also glad that she’s going on to see more of Australia. And it’s not goodbye forever, since she and Annabelle are going to be coming back in March, and I’m hopefully going to be seeing them at Manifest in August. Hopefully.

Anyway, I don’t have to work tomorrow night, so I am able to spend the entire day with Manami. It’ll probably be very similar to tonight, just watching Ouran HSHC for hours and laughing until we’re sore.

I love these kinds of friends.

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Manami is majorly cute.

Manami is majorly cute.

I am majorly pissed off tonight, though I will go over my reasons afterwards. Had a lovely picnic lunch at the beach. Not exactly I really healthy lunch, but it was still nice, especially with the warm sun and cloudless sky.

Anyway, I had plans tomorrow to take my boy to his work, spend some time with Manami, then come home and go to work. It was going to be a great day. However I was informed tonight that there is a golf event (of all fucking things) that the two bosses need to go to since we’re sponsoring it. Which means I’m needed to work 12-3. My boyfriend is working at 2pm an hour away, and isn’t finishing until 4pm. My mother is otherwise engaged, and it is far too late to organize a ride with someone else. So I’m going to be spending at least 4 hours and $50 petrol driving him down early, then going to get him during my break. Then back to work at 6pm. Manami has opted to stay home with the dog and watch movies all day.

I need tomorrow like I need a hole in the head. Seriously.

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