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I don't think rice is going to fix this.

I don’t think rice is going to fix this.

Well, shit. The first real day of my detox and things have already gone pear shaped. I was trying to document my week of detox via film, but apparently my mini-tripod hates me and fell over. And dunked the top of my camera into the almost-completed shake mixture. I panicked so hard and just cried over it for a good 15 minutes, all the while getting my boyfriend on the phone to ask what to do, doing it, and cleaning everything up. I really hope that the rice is going to fix it, but I have a bad feeling that it’s not. And if that’s the case, then I’m going to have to buy a new camera… even though this one was a present from my mum.

Other than that, the day went pretty good. Leaving out the Lecithin was a really good idea. As was straining the shake before I drank it. Though that may have taken away some of the vital components, so I’m going to try it without straining it tomorrow. I had to give my work mate a lift to pick up her car from where she parked it yesterday, since she was too drunk to pick it up herself last night, but apart from that all I did was some housework, since the family is coming up tomorrow, and I’m getting kicked out of my room to make room for them. The getting kicked out I don’t mind so much (well, I do, but I put up with it), but the fact that my cousin has three young children who are going to be sleeping in the room that I classify as my sacred space, worries me a little. It worries me every time, because every time I think that they’re going to break something, or pick up something sharp from my altar, or accidentally swallow one of my tumbled stones. And now, with the addition of my ancestral shrine, I am twice as worried. There are things that I have placed on there that I do not want them to touch, but really shouldn’t have to move just because we’re having family over.

I mean, they treat our house like their shack. I really don’t have any expectations that there are going to be too many boundaries. I guess we’ll see what happens when the time comes.

On a different note, my dog has some kind of throat sickness. We have to feed her cough syrup three times a day. Even with a syringe, she doesn’t make it easy for us. That’s something I am not looking forward to doing over the next couple of days.

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Work mates are always fun.

Work mates are always fun.

I am so happy right now you guys. Not only did I have an amazing day, but my boyfriend got his license this morning. I let him drive my car this morning, which was scary, but I’m so proud of him.

Anyway, work brunch was great. I got there a little bit late since I had to be there for the test, and I had to pick up the mugs that we had made for our two bosses, but it was fun. The staff had decided to make mugs with the things we heard the most over the summer printed on the back of them, so our floor manager got “Steady but civilized”, since that’s what she usually says to the customers when they ask how the day as been, and our pasta chef got “Tell them to f@#! off” on his. Yes, that is what we heard most this summer. Especially when someone ordered soup on a 40 degree day. And sometimes we really wanted to carry out his orders, but we never did. Anyway, I put in the order for the mugs yesterday morning while I was in town, and picked them up this morning. They looked terrific. I forgot to take a photo of them, so I can’t show you guys, but they were just brilliant quality.

After all that happened today, the icing on the cake was having one of my work mates up to mine, when she was completely shit-faced. It was absolutely hilarious.

On the down side, this detox shake thing tastes like crap. Not even joking. It smells even worse. I am going to try it tomorrow without the lecithin and see if that helps at all. I sincerely hope that it does.

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Manami is majorly cute.

Manami is majorly cute.

I am majorly pissed off tonight, though I will go over my reasons afterwards. Had a lovely picnic lunch at the beach. Not exactly I really healthy lunch, but it was still nice, especially with the warm sun and cloudless sky.

Anyway, I had plans tomorrow to take my boy to his work, spend some time with Manami, then come home and go to work. It was going to be a great day. However I was informed tonight that there is a golf event (of all fucking things) that the two bosses need to go to since we’re sponsoring it. Which means I’m needed to work 12-3. My boyfriend is working at 2pm an hour away, and isn’t finishing until 4pm. My mother is otherwise engaged, and it is far too late to organize a ride with someone else. So I’m going to be spending at least 4 hours and $50 petrol driving him down early, then going to get him during my break. Then back to work at 6pm. Manami has opted to stay home with the dog and watch movies all day.

I need tomorrow like I need a hole in the head. Seriously.

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1 out of 3 isn't too bad.

1 out of 3 isn’t too bad.

Thank goodness for small miracles. I woke up rather early this morning and came upstairs, only to have mum tell me that not only were her friends going to town today, but that she would go and get my boy from work for me. So that took an absolute load off my chest, and let me work until 4pm to cover a lapse in shifts. Which would have been great, if I had known how to do half the stuff that was needed. But I made some pizzas by myself to help out, which was kinda scary. Anyway, 12-9, with a break 4-6. I am absolutely exhausted.

But, as a side note, my boyfriend, bless him, went and got me some things from the health food store that I need for my detox. Unfortunately, I actually need flax oil and lecithin granules, not the capsules that contain the same properties. Ah well, at least he got me some protein powder. One out of three is pretty good, especially since he didn’t really know what he was looking for. So, I’m going to have to start my detox on Tuesday after I’ve gotten all the other ingredients and the proper ingredients.

Anyway, I could go on about people and their behavior in restaurants, but I’m way too tired.

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Study area, minus iPad.

It’s probably a good idea for me to actually start understanding cameras and photography if I’m going to be doing more serious photography for a hobby. Therefore, I have decided that I am going to start researching photography and related subjects, like how to use photoshop properly. So that’s my new project.

Wig Update: The seller has been a wonderful help, and due to the fact that shipping the wig back would be almost redundant and definitely not beneficial from my end, they have offered to refund me 30% of the cost of the new wig as compensation for the inconvenience. I repurchased the correct wig today, so I’m hoping that it will be shipped either Monday or Tuesday. Very excited now.

Also, started Portal 2 last night. Well… 48 minutes in and I’m already really bored. I’m sure it will get better as I go on, but at the moment the levels just seem a little too easy.

But on to the main body of the blog. Annoyances. Mostly for people who have no idea what to do in a restaurant. Generally, there are things that just annoy the crap out of me, and I’m pretty sure I made a video on them, but never got around to uploading it. Maybe that can be tomorrows project. But anyway, things that really annoy me about customers vary from slightly annoying to ohmygodIwanttoburnyourfaceoff. Generally the latter is directed at people who waste my time when it’s really busy. Or the people who ring up to place a take away order who don’t know what’s on the menu. And asking me “well, what do you have?” is more than a little irritating. My usual answer to this question is to either ask them what kind of meat they want, or if they don’t know to refer them to our website. What is either slightly more annoying, or slightly less annoying depending on how hectic we are in the shop, is when people call up to order a take away, and then discuss with their family/friends what everyone wants. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never decided I want take out and waited until I have the person on the phone to know everyone’s orders. Seriously.

And come on customers, I know a lot of you aren’t stupid. Or… some of you. In any case, when we put signs out the front, like ‘sorry, fully booked inside tonight’ or ‘no more orders’, it’s not because we think it adds to the overall look of the business. It’s because we want you to actually read them. So when you come in, after having to walk around or past the sign to get in the door, and ask if we’re still doing take aways, I’m not going to be impressed. And the people who actually make telephone orders, get given a time for their pickup, then arrive ten to fifteen minutes early expecting their pizza to be ready? Fuck you. You are not our only priority. More than likely, we have other takeaway orders, plus tables, who have come before you, hence why we gave you a fucking pickup time. And the customers that you give the takeaway time to, after telling them that there is a queue, who then um and ah about the time you’ve given them, because you haven’t given them the early time that they wanted.

Or the people who call up, ask how long a pizza is going to be without actually knowing what they want to order, and who don’t seem to grasp that some pizzas take longer to cook than others. And that if you have 5 large pizzas, that you’re going to have to wait for a while because, for fucks sake, making and cooking five large pizzas with alterations is going to take time. I’m sorry we can’t all the The Flash and get you everything you want before your arse even hits the seat.

Also, when the restaurant is booked out, and you call to see if there is a table, don’t expect special treatment because you’re a regular. If we’re booked out, the ground staff are not going to be impressed with this cocky shit on the other end of the line telling them that they’re a regular, and couldn’t you fit on one more table for two? No, no we cannot.

And these are only the things that I can think of off the top of my head. If I had time to make a decent list, like I will for when I re-film my rant for my YouTube channel, I could probably think up quite a few more. And not just about customers. If you can think of anything to add, or just have a story about customer service gone wrong, from either side of the counter, feel free to leave it in the comment section below.

In any case, I am tired and going to bed.

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Finally found it.

Finally found the camera. I have been charging the battery since this morning, so it should be ready to go by now. Rather excited about that. So hopefully I’ll be getting okay-ish photos for this blog from now on. Now I just have to do something worth blogging about. In any case, this particular blog is going to be some kind of rant. Basically, me being a 19 year old girl, I don’t do much apart from hang around the house. I need to get into some kind of habit, or routine, but it’s January. University doesn’t start back for another month, at least. I’ve been off school so long that I’ve pretty much lost any motivation to do anything apart from looking at things to do. I can’t be bothered going outside, let alone doing house chores that I really don’t want to do. Namely, my mother has been asking that I do an hour in the garden every day. Doing what exactly, I don’t actually know, because I’m pretty sure that after a week of doing an hour a day in the garden, everything that can be done has been done. I am going to test out my theory while she is interstate next week, as well as my theory that, even if I did spend an hour a day in the garden, she wouldn’t see a goddamn difference.

I’m mentioning all of this because we… had words. Earlier. And it’s never pleasant with my mother, but it’s particularly nasty when she has an ulcer the size of Canada on her tongue. But the thing that she constantly brings up is the fact that she does pretty much everything around the house. Since primary school she’s been asking me repeatedly why I’m not like my best friend, why I’m not as independent or active around the house as she is. And my best answer to that is that I have never needed to be. The fact of the matter is that in the case of my best friend, if she didn’t do her share around the house, it simply wouldn’t get done. She was never picked up after. Where as, to this day, my mother has forever gone and done things if I don’t do them myself. For example, she made the point that she washes and irons my work gear. I know for a fact that if she refused to do it, I would. I know this because I’ve done it before when she wasn’t here. I do things when I have to, but the thing with my mother and me, is that she never puts me in the position where I have to do something.

Here in lies the problem. Because I was never made to, say, clean the house or look for other things to do, I don’t have the mindset at 19 to actually look around the house and see something that needs doing. I have to write myself a goddamn reminded to open the friggin’ windows of a morning at my aunts house because I don’t mind the room being dark and not breezy. So, for this blog, I am asking the people of the world who have first world problems like myself to give me some sort of advice as to how to bring all this together. I know that if I try and explain to my mother that the best course is probably by literally forcing me to do things by myself, it will get done my me and she won’t have to worry, that she’ll probably blow another gasket and it will be another one-sided argument with her screaming at me, and me staying silent because for some reason I always believe that she’s right until later on…

That’s probably a bad habit actually. I should really start standing up for myself.

In any case, it’s late (or early, as the case may be), and I am pretty much ranted out.

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Breakfast. I think I ate too much fruit today.

Breakfast. I think I ate too much fruit today.

I think I ate too much fruit today. Or too much food in general. It’s 11.30pm, and I can’t decide whether I should move or not, considering how my stomach is feeling. Can you overdose on fruit? I don’t want to know actually. If you can, I probably did. Ever since I started this whole “healthy eating” thing, I’ve been eating fruit like it’s going out of fashion. Not so much balanced meals as EAT ALL THE YUMMY HEALTHY FOODS. I have also noticed a decreased appetite, or at least a drop in how much delicious food I can fit into my stomach. I’m not sure if this is a good thing, or just my body telling me to stop eating so much fruit, goddammit. I’ve also noticed that I don’t seem to be losing mass at all, despite the working out and the healthy eating, two things that I have never done together. I must be doing something at least a little bit wrong, since I can’t see a single place that I might have lost even an ounce of weight.

Things were a lot easier when I was happy being a slob.

But no, I decided to lose mass for my health. The fact that I’m scared that I wont be able to outrun a zombie in the event of an infection breakout for more than 5 minutes has nothing to do with it… okay, it has a lot to do with it. But really, is it so unreasonable to get fit because of that? After all, I’m just following rule number 1… oh god, that was a pathetic reference. Congrats to the people who understood.

Oh god, yeah, okay stomach, I’ll get back to you in a moment. Just chill out. Oh sweet mother…

I’m bailing. My bed is calling and if I’m going to die of fruit overdose, I’m going to be comfortable dammit.

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Well… that’s disappointing…

20130111-225345.jpgDon’t you hate it when you get a package and you think “oh, finally my purchase has arrived!”, only to open it and find that the contents of the package… isn’t what you ordered at all. Well, that happened to me today. I got really excited when I got my long blonde wig, thinking that I would finally be able to start putting my Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood cosplay together. So excited in fact that at first I didn’t notice anything wrong… until I actually took it out of the packet and put it on the wig head. See, the wig I ordered is not the wig I got. I looked all over eBay and other online stores to find a long, blonde fringe-less wig, and I was so happy when I finally found one. As you can probably tell, this wig is not the one that was pictured. The exact picture for the item I purchased is on the right. Very different.

So that was a rather large disappointment. I have made sure not to wear the wig, or damage it in any way. I actually platted the wig to stop it from tangling and put it back in the packaging it came in. I’ve also contacted the eBay seller from whom I bought the wig. Since it’s a Friday, I’m not expecting to get a reply for at least two days, but in the interest of good consumer relations, I am going to allow one week for an initial reply before I leave negative feedback. They did email me when I first purchased the wig and expressed their wish that I contact them before leaving negative feedback, since they may be able to help me. I hope that they do get back to me, sooner rather than later. I’m hoping to get this cosplay done by March, so I kind of need the wig for it.

Ah well, enough of my first world problems.

The fires are still going, but only the large one is on Watch and Act. There are a lot more fires with the status of “contained” or “patrol”, which is good news, but there are still six fires that are ongoing. Thankfully, there still have been no confirmed fatalities, as far as I’m aware.

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