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I don't think rice is going to fix this.

I don’t think rice is going to fix this.

Well, shit. The first real day of my detox and things have already gone pear shaped. I was trying to document my week of detox via film, but apparently my mini-tripod hates me and fell over. And dunked the top of my camera into the almost-completed shake mixture. I panicked so hard and just cried over it for a good 15 minutes, all the while getting my boyfriend on the phone to ask what to do, doing it, and cleaning everything up. I really hope that the rice is going to fix it, but I have a bad feeling that it’s not. And if that’s the case, then I’m going to have to buy a new camera… even though this one was a present from my mum.

Other than that, the day went pretty good. Leaving out the Lecithin was a really good idea. As was straining the shake before I drank it. Though that may have taken away some of the vital components, so I’m going to try it without straining it tomorrow. I had to give my work mate a lift to pick up her car from where she parked it yesterday, since she was too drunk to pick it up herself last night, but apart from that all I did was some housework, since the family is coming up tomorrow, and I’m getting kicked out of my room to make room for them. The getting kicked out I don’t mind so much (well, I do, but I put up with it), but the fact that my cousin has three young children who are going to be sleeping in the room that I classify as my sacred space, worries me a little. It worries me every time, because every time I think that they’re going to break something, or pick up something sharp from my altar, or accidentally swallow one of my tumbled stones. And now, with the addition of my ancestral shrine, I am twice as worried. There are things that I have placed on there that I do not want them to touch, but really shouldn’t have to move just because we’re having family over.

I mean, they treat our house like their shack. I really don’t have any expectations that there are going to be too many boundaries. I guess we’ll see what happens when the time comes.

On a different note, my dog has some kind of throat sickness. We have to feed her cough syrup three times a day. Even with a syringe, she doesn’t make it easy for us. That’s something I am not looking forward to doing over the next couple of days.

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