Child Of Nuin

Remus Lupin: Marauder Era (In Progress)
Remus Lupin was my first serious cosplay since around 2008. What better way to get back into cosplay after 4 years that with your favorite Hogwarts nerd.


The scars are still very much WIP as I’m still not happy with the coloring or the shape of them.

Olivier Mira Armstrong: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (Up-Coming)
Progress has been extremely slow, and after attempting to buy a wig twice and twice getting sent the wrong one, I am putting this one on the back shelf for the time being. I’m still not entirely comfortable with a sewing machine, which doesn’t help anything…

Kyoya Ootori: Ouran High School Host Club (In Progress)
While browsing the local op-shop recently I found a rather good possible-cosplay-jacket for an Ouran High cosplay. And since I already wear glasses all the time anyway, who better to cosplay as than the Demon King himself? I’m very excited about this, because I’ve wanted to cosplay from Ouran for a long time (since 2007), and I am determined to make this attempt better than my last one.

I am currently in the process of taking in the sides and altering the design a bit. Hopefully it will still look right by time I’m done with it.


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