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{January 29, 2015}   Dreaming of Tattoos

So, here’s the thing.

I am trying to get into Post Grad study at the moment. To become a teacher. Someone that young people are going to look up to and see every day while they learn about the world. Someone who has to be professional and a good role model.

As a goth, I’m already off to a dodgy start.

So when I know that being a teacher, especially within Japan, is not the right profession to have tattoos why is it that my brain still makes me want them?

To put this into context, I had a rather strong dream last night where I was in possession of a half sleeve tattoo on my right arm, with two unrelated tattoos on my forearm. To say that I was surprised is an understatement.

I was ecstatic.

Which of course means that I now have the unshakable yearning to get another tattoo. Which is not a good idea for many reasons, least of which the ones that I have listed already. For those who don’t know, I already have a tattoo.

My Tattoo 01

This alone cost me $180AUD. Tattoos are expensive as hell. Considering how much my only tattoo cost even though it’s only about 8.5x7cm, I can only cringe at the thought of how much one would have to cough up in order to pay for a half sleeve like the one in my dream. Or what organs one would have to sell.

In any case, I never realised how much a dream could affect your mentality so much. I have always been of the opinion that my tattoos would have a special meaning to me. But after that dream I am in two minds about it. I would never consider something like a full sleeve to have enough special meaning to me personally, but I still feel like I was completely happy with the artwork that covered my arm. Oh the indecision. At the moment I am so ready to hit up my artist for a whole beautiful, colourful sleeve.

Buuuut, I still have to pay rent and power, so for now the dream will have to take a back seat to rationality. Maybe one day I’ll be in a position to get it, but not this year.

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{January 1, 2013}   Happy New Year + 365 Photo Days

Well hello thar!

First and foremost:
Here’s hoping the new year is packed full of awesome, rainbows, unicorns, magic and chocolate. Because, really, what’s better than that?

My resolutions aren’t all that creative this year, but they’re worth reviewing.
• Healthy eating
• 30 minutes minimum exercise a day
• Getting organized
• Saving money
• Going to as many conventions as I can.

Those last two kind of cancel each other out, but oh well. I’m sure I’ll manage.

Secondly; wow. It’s been a while since I posted anything. That happens to a lot of my websites. So, to escape this tedium of forgetting to post anything EVER, I have decided to take up a challenge. A 365 Day Photo challenge to be exact. I got the idea from my mother, who has been doing it since the start of December… meaning she took photos of my car the day I crashed to add to her scrap-booking pile. Swell…

Anyway, I’ve decided to make things a little different.

Instead of doing a scrapbook or a paper journal detailing my year, I’m going to do it in blog posts. The basic premise remains the same, except I can keep updating it throughout the day and upload before I leave school, or just after I get home. Either or. Additionally, I’m going to be putting in more than one photo, which will make the blogs a lot more interesting to look at and read through. I’m hoping that I’ll only be able to fit in the interesting things about the day, but if I’m perfectly honest, most days probably wont be all that interesting. In any case, it’s a good way to get me blogging again, and hopefully a good way for me to get organized, since I want to continue making videos and cosplays as well.

Speaking of.

I have my next cosplay figured out. I’m hoping to get sewing lessons from my mother before she goes back to work, and then I will begin working on my first ever from-scratch cosplay. I’m getting very excited since the wig is on its way already, and I am hoping to wear it to the local anime convention this year.

I have until March 16th… hahahahahahahaaaa…

Well, I guess it’s going to be an interesting year.

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{October 20, 2012}   Dressing for Your Shape

So I went op-shopping today. I went in expecting nothing and came out with some of the most outrageous shorts I’ve ever owned. Seriously, who ever invented leopard print clothing was either an idiot, or a genius. I can never decide which.

But, while talking to my best friend via text about this rather successful shopping trip, I realized something. I have never been more comfortable with my own shape than I am at the moment.

I’ve had some people (though not many) tell me that I always seem to look good and, more importantly, comfortable in what I wear. In fact, aforementioned best friend has recently told me that I need to go jeans shopping with her so I can help her get some that look good, as she says mine do.

I think these comments, while very welcome, and just a little bit odd. Why wouldn’t I be comfortable in what I wear? Do they think I’m going to buy something I don’t feel comfortable wearing?

And it hits me now that these people are surprised because some people, specifically young people, don’t always dress to their size. Now, I’m not a slender girl at all. In fact I have lots of curves and not a lot of shapeliness. In other words, I’m chunky. And there’s nothing explicitly wrong with that. But the fact is that I’m aware of it and I dress in a way that flatters while being modest around my… not so flattering aspects.

Some people seem to think that dressing appropriately when you’re a bit chubby means covering all the things! But believe me, it doesn’t. Just as being proud of your curves and your tree-trunk thick thighs doesn’t mean you should wear mini-mini skirts that I’m pretty sure only Asians look good in. It’s about balancing. It’s about flattering what you love, and being modest with what you don’t, without ruining your style.

For me, it’s quite easy to pick an example. I quite often wear low-cut t-shirts or tank tops with an open, short sleeve shirt over them. The tank flatters my chest, while the shirt sleeves disguise my upper arm, where I have some not-so nice features. That’s my balance.

I wear skirts that rest just above the knee. They flatter my legs without showing my considerable amount of thigh. I can’t wear boot-leg or skinny jeans because of biological factors, so I wear wide leg.

I take care to only buy and wear things that I actually like. I don’t buy things just because it’s the fashion. I modify old clothes to bring new life to them. I never wear too-small things, or too-right things. I spruce up my outfit with unusual items.

But most importantly, I refuse to think “I could never pull that off”, because, really, who says I can’t? The only one limiting my style is myself. If there is a style that I want to pull off, then why not go for it and adjust to my comfort level? There is no fashion police, there is no big brother telling me what to wear.

Combine comfort with your own style. Love slogan shirts but hate high necks? Crop then, take the sleeves off, modify.

Just be yourself and be confident.

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Well, just another day in Tartarus.

If you’re a Greek myth nerd, you’ll get the reference.

Anyway, it is currently week 11 of second semester of my first year of university and I must admit, I am extremely over it. I’m not a good student. I don’t do study very well, so doing anything in my own time is actually really hard. I’ve never really studied outside class before coming here so I’m really not used to doing it at all…

So yeah, really bad student here. Hence why I’m writing this while I am supposed to be doing homework that’s due… oh… tomorrow.

Bad student.

Anyway, I’ve been procrastinating all day and watching YouTube videos, and I have to tell you… I am really looking forward to Summer.

Now that might seem completely unrelated to YouTube, but you see I’ve been watching a lot of Parle Productions, as well as other rather awesome cosplay groups just derping around in semi-cosplay. That makes me think about my own friends and how I wish we did those kinds of things. Well this summer may be the chance I get to really derp around with my friends.

You see, my workplace has had a major overhaul of the system. As of the beginning of September, during the week the business only opens 4pm-8/9pm, and is closed completely Tuesday/Wednesday. Now that might not sound like a good idea, since we were doing from 11am before, but considering that we are essentially a small sea-side town in the sticks, there really isn’t much need for us to open during the day. And, since the boss’s husband has a life-threatening illness, they’re getting in all the together time they can. It’s understandable.

My dad died of the exact same illness, so I am completely sympathetic to them.

But where do my friends come into this? Well, since I’m not going to working during the day, and I doubt I will be working every night, I will have plenty of opportunity to hang with them during the day… with one small issue.

I live an hour away from the city. For a lot of people, that’s not really a long way, but considering that it takes an hour while mostly going 100km an hour on a highway, it’s a long way.

I can’t just jump a bus to see everyone, that’s all I’m saying. And no-one is crazy enough to come to my town for a week, especially while I’m working nights.

Yeah… I’m less excited now.

On the up side, since my workplace doesn’t open Tuesday/Wednesday, I can stay down in town on those days and hope that my friends don’t have work/are willing to help with my videos/want to see me.

And Wednesday is uni night, so cheap drinks are going to be abundant. And now I’m back to being excited.

Speaking of being excited, my new wig and binder arrived at my boyfriend’s house last week, and I have raided op-shops to gather the rest of my cosplay! I know I said I was going to do Zexion first, but finding an organization XIII cloak in my price range is neigh-impossible. And with Halloween not all that far away I am really looking forward to derping around with my friends on that particular Wednesday.

All of the excitement.

So yeah… once I get my packages from the boyf, I will be doing some WIP photoshoots, and possibly a YouTube video or two. So keep an eye out.

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{August 28, 2012}   University and Semester Break

Hi all,

I need to stop saying that. I know that there’s only two people who read this. Maximum.

Anyway, yes, it has been a while, but you know how it is. University. Assignments. Blah blah blah.

So what’s this update about? Just a short post to tell you all what I’m going to be doing next week.

Semester Break To-Do’s
• Japan Montage

Let’s Plays:
• Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
• Skyrim/Oblivion
• Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Sewing Projects:
• Bellydance costumes
• Akatsuki cloak

• Mockingjay
• Watchmen comic

I think that’s about it but keep your eye out because I’ll be updating as soon as I think of something I want to do during my week off.

Also, make sure to check YouTube, because I might have a video up of my entry in a local talent contest. Yeah, I’m not going to win, but I’ll give it my best.

– Reillyn is AFK –

{August 5, 2012}   Haul of Nerd

So! I had a lot of fun walking around the market looking at stuff, even if my feet did hurt a lot.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, refer to the end of my previous post Sydney Trip.

My haul isn’t very big in comparison to what it could have been if I had the money and time to haggle, but it’s getting there. Once I recover my other nerdy things from my aunts I will do a nerd haul video and put it up on my YouTube account.

But for now, here is the haul, starting from left to right:
Soot slippers (Totoro), Itachi Uchiha (Naruto), Aslan (Narnia), Naruto belt (Naruto), and Zexion wig (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories).


So, first off is the plushie parade! I’ve never really bought plush toys before, unless you count my spooky doll from Fukuoka (I call her Shika), so this was an awesome first step for me. I’ve wanted to start my plush collection for a while now, but have never really convinced myself that it was worth it. But now I have.

20120805-220727.jpg  20120805-220706.jpg


I was going to buy a large Gaara or a large Ed, but I wasn’t quite convinced it was worth $15, so I ended up not getting them. What a waste of an opportunity huh?

Next up is the Naruto belt, which I ended up choosing over a Kuroshitsuji belt. Not sure if I picked it because it’s colorful or not, but it looks good over jeans, and that’s all I’m worried about.


20120805-220933.jpg  20120805-220946.jpg  20120805-220939.jpg

And speaking, or rather typing, of clothing items, next up is my soot slippers! I am pretty in love with these things. I was looking all over for slippers since my last pair died a rather ugly death earlier this year, and all the ones I came across that were in a style that I liked were rather expensive, so when I came across the stall selling these things I couldn’t believe my luck.

I was tossing up between these and some Mario mushrooms, but I love Studio Ghibli so much that I just had to get these little fluff balls. Looking back, I probably should have gotten both pairs; one for home and one for my aunts. Oh well, next time probably.



Last, but certainly not least, is my first proper wig! I found this in one of the many, many wig stalls in Paddy’s, sitting right in front of a wig that could have been trimmed for Marluxia. However, I have never trimmed or styled wigs before, so I figured I would get one that needed as little fiddling with as possible. This wig still needs quite a bit of work, but it’s not going to be as time consuming as a Marluxia wig would be. However, now that I have the wig I’m going to have to buy the cloak. Oh dear. More money gone.



And for all the fan-brats out there, yes, I know that the part is on the wrong side. I took all these photos in the lobby of our hotel while waiting for a shuttle to the airport, so this is not a WIP (work in progress) photo.

So that’s about it! Sorry for the shitty photo quality, but like I said, I was taking these in the hotel lobby with my iPhone, so it’s the best that I could do at the time. I will have a proper nerd haul video filmed, up and edited hopefully by the weekend, maybe a bit later, but as it is university time again there are absolutely no promises.

– Reillyn is AFK –

{August 5, 2012}   Sydney Trip

Hello all!

Well, my weekend trip to the big smoke (Sydney) has been a lot more successful than my last one. We arrived mid morning on Friday and went on the Sydney Eye Skywalk, which took us a long way up above the Sydney CBD. No photos of that unfortunately.

Afterwards we took a small stroll around the shopping centre and surrounds and went back to our hotel for a while before heading to Luna Park.

Here’s a shameless plug for everyone. Luna Park has a special for weekends in off-peak season: if you book online for after 6pm you can get a two-for-one unlimited pass for the night. It’s a good deal. Especially when you can get views like this at from the top of the ferris wheel.



Seriously beautiful. Saturday brought about a bunch of explorations. Sydney’s Maritime Museum is awesome, and I got my entry’s worth without even going inside! First stop was the HMAS Vampire, then the HMAS Onslow and finally the Endeavor.


HMAS Vampire (Naval War Ship 1917-1959)


HMAS Onslow (Submarine)


The Endeavor (rebuilt)

Afterwards we headed out to the Chinese Gardens of Friendship, which are just spectacular in my opinion. Unfortunately someone didn’t want to dress up with me, so there are no princess photos. This time.

We then went to the Rocks and the markets there, where I landed the most amazing piece of space art. Now, I had no idea that spray paint art like this even existed, but it does.


And I said I wouldn’t buy art… can’t wait to get this baby framed.

From what I gathered by watching this guy work, the trick is knowing what colors to later over what and how to manipulate them, but honestly guys, watching him paint blew my mind.

After the Rocks was the Dark Knight Rises at the IMAX. And oh my Jesus, was it ever an amazing experience. Seeing something that awesome on a screen that big was just brilliant, even if the ending was a bit iffy and the twist with… you know what, I won’t go into that.


Yeah, that’s right. You jelly.

So today was our last day. We started it by going to the Chronicles of Narnia exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum, which was incredible. Unfortunately photography was forbidden, otherwise I would have a photo of me on the ice throne of Queen Jadis’. Sadly, I don’t. But! I do have a mini Aslan.

After getting lost in the Powerhouse and seeing the fantastic exhibits (Faith Fashion Fusion is a must see!) we found our way to Paddy’s market. And oh the money I have spent. So much money. Oh dear.

Because of the many photos of the newest additions to my geekery, I will be doing another post with them in it.

And now I am back home, ready to sleep and head off to university again tomorrow.


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{July 24, 2012}   So…

Hi all.

So it’s the beginning of semester 2 here in Australia so I’m not going to have as much time to mess around and go on the Internet all the time. Or gaming.

God I miss gaming.

As such this blog will probably only be updated once a week, if that. As such, I’m giving you an update now to tide you over until the weekend.

You may have noticed that I have added a page to this blog, which is empty at this particular moment.

The page Current Cosplay. Is going to be where my current cosplay or project is going to be displayed. Every time I start a new cosplay or get a better photo of a current one, I will be updating that page.

Like I said, it is currently empty, but I am working on getting a cosplay together and take some photos once it's done.

In other news, The Music Haunt is now up and running so click the link and give my friend some lurve.

You know you want to. Just click it.

So! This was just a little update on what’s going on. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a couple of things up on the cosplay page soon.

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{July 19, 2012}   O money, where art thou?

So I decided to look into my finances last night, see where I was at and how much money I have to go on my trip to Sydney later this year.

While doing this it occurred to me that I have absolutely no money budgeted for cosplay or anything other than the essentials (food, petrol etc.), my trip and my nose piercing.

And I’m going to be out of a job for 6 weeks while my bosses go on their annual vacation. Right when I’m starting uni again. Hooray, poverty.

I have been trying to save for things for ages, but unfortunately I don’t have a very strong will, and I have a boyfriend very recently convinced me to spend $40 on games instead of saving it for my nose piercing… or better yet, my trip.

“Why don’t you just put off getting your piercing?” I hear you asking in exasperation. Well, due to the nature of nostril piercings, they take at the very least 6 weeks to heal to any good extent, and I have been advised not to change the jewelry for at least 2 months, bordering on 3 if my workplace can handle that.

And since my job reconvenes approximately 6 weeks after my piercing, I only have this time to try and get it as healed up as possible before going back, in case my boss would prefer I not wear it to work. Health and safety, you see.

Ah, I am rambling, but I did need to get this out into the open before I exploded from stress. All this and I don’t even pay rent at my family’s house…

How do my peers manage to go out every other weekend? If I had to pay rent I’d have to get a second job to even begin covering costs.

I’m out of ideas. I’m sure everything will work itself out.

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{July 19, 2012}   Jumping on the bandwagon…

Note: I did post this on my deviantArt account, but I’ve been using that as a blog far too much lately, so here’s the exact same thing, only where it’s meant to be…

I know everyone has been on and on about this, but yes, there is going to be a female Watson in the new, modern-esque Sherlock TV drama Elementary.

I’m actually fairly surprised that I knew about this before people like Little Kuriboh, but that’s my friends for you. Always on the ball.

Before I begin what is turning out to be a rather large rant (it was supposed to be a thought out opinion, I swear!), let me put something out there. I love strong female characters. Go read The Iron Duke. Mina is the shit. I am all for strong female figures, female protagonists, you name it.

I have never met a dominatrix, but I’m sure I would like them too if I had.

Never the less, I’ve been giving this a bit of thought, and shoving a woman into the role of Watson doesn’t only kind of ruin all the gay fanfiction that’s floating around (come on, you know it’s out there), but it also removes the respect that a male Watson gains. I see Watson as an intellectual equal, the stabilizer in the Sherlock/Watson crime fighting duet, if you will. I can imagine a male Watson as being a best friend who will pull Sherlock back down to earth if he gets too far ahead of himself, and who brings his own ideas and quirks to the scene. I cannot imagine myself seeing Miss Lucy Liu in the same light.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give a complete and accurate description of my feelings for her performance until I actually see the pilot episode, but I can imagine what it’s going to be like.

Having a female Watson is like… having a female Samwise Gangee. No matter how you look at it, you can’t help but auto-assume that the protagonist is only best friends with this particular character because they’ve been previously friend-zoned, or at least I do. There are just some things that producers shouldn’t mess with.

“Let’s see… making [name] a female adds more depth to the relationship between the characters.” If by ‘depth’ you mean sex, then yes. But otherwise… not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer that men and women can be best friends without wanting any kind of sexual gratification for it. However, Sherlock/Watson is one bromance that shouldn’t go co-ed. Like Naruto and Sasuke, or DJ and Turk. Many, many, many fanfiction writers have made the mistake of making a one side of a bromance a fem!character over the years, and in my opinion it never ends well. I now refuse to read those works of fiction.

Much like I refuse to read the rest of Fifty Shades of Grey after only two chapters. Serious brain-shrinkage occurred when I read those chapters.

But I digress…

I don’t mean to be awful about this entire thing, but I really don’t see it going very well. I have nothing personal against Miss Liu, simply because I don’t care enough about her to have an opinion. It’s been years since I watched Charlie’s Angels, and even then I was much more captivated by Drew Barrimore.

But, as always, I could be very wrong in my assumptions about the series. I doubt that I will change my mind once seeing it, but I am open to surprises. If you or anyone you know is looking forward to this change in character, leave a comment explaining why, and I will try and have a mature discussion with you about the merits of a male character being turned into a female.

I think that’s it. Better go and actually do study.

University is boring.

– Reillyn is AFK –

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