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{September 17, 2013}   Miss America 2014: Really Internet?!

Before I start this blog off, I would just like to extend my warmest congratulations to miss Nina Davuluri for winning Miss America 2014. A competition well won by a beautiful American.

However, there is the small issue of social media and ignorance in general that I would like to address, If you’re lazy and don’t want to read my gigantic post of rambling rage, this is basically my point:

Your ignorance is hurting my brain, get off the internet.

So, Miss Davuluri (aka, Miss New York) won the Miss America pageant this year. Fantastic. For a bit of background, Miss Davuluri is an Indian-America woman from Syracuse, New York. She is an aspiring doctor, and is planning on using her $50,000 prize from the pageant to further her studies. She is an absolutely beautiful woman who performed a lovely bollywood-classical fusion dance during the competition.

She is also the first Indian woman to be Miss New York, and the first Indian woman to win Miss America. The whole of America should be celebrating her victory, as well as seeing this as a victory for multiculturalism and equality.

But no… quite a few people decided that they would be prejudice asshats and blurt out their out-dated bigotry on their chosen social media websites. I have chosen just a few of the stupidest outbursts to share, and I have no qualms about leaving their usernames in. This is the price for prejudice and racism.

Miss America right now, or miss Al Qaeda?

– @SHANN__Wow

Nice slap in the face to the people of 9-11 how pathetic

– @wnfraser

Miss America is a terrorist. Whatever. That’s fine.

– @_AudreyAnn

And the winner of the “I want to hunt you down and stab you in the face, you racist prick” award goes to @bsufy, who said:

A fucking god damn terrorist 9-11 bitch won MISS AMERICA WTF!! Gotta be Merican to win miss Merica #LoveItOrLeaveIt

Well done sir, you win a life times worth of hate and spam. I hope that one day you will become part of a minority, and then have no one show you any tolerance or mercy. It’s everything you deserve. And that goes for everyone that wrote ignorant, bigoted, intolerant crap and spammed both my Facebook and my Twitter with them.

Just to point something out that these people obviously do not understand: Miss Davuluri is an Indian-American. As in she was born in America and is not a Muslim. The attacks of 9-11 were carried out by an extremist Islamist organization, with the emphasis on extremists. An organization based in the middle-east, not India. Not only is it ridiculous to say that anyone is a terrorist or a member of Al-Qaeda simply for their ethnicity, or religious affiliation, those who claim that crowning an Indian-American woman as Miss America is “a slap in the face for the people of 9-11” is beyond absurd.

I don’t see anyone saying that eating in Little India is a slap in the face to the people of 9-11. Or having an Indian rug in the house. Or watching a Bollywood movie. Bride and Prejudice was a hit for a reason.

Check yourself.

Miss Davuluri is a talented young woman who has every right to be up on that stage wearing that crown as the rest of the contestants. In fact the looks on the other contestants faces when Miss Davuluri was crowned showed nothing but joy for her success. If the women who have the most reason to hate Miss Davuluri are happy for her, what gives you the right to judge her on her ethnic heritage?

I am infuriated by this, and I’m not even American. I’m not a pageant person. I don’t care what happens in America the majority of the time. And sometimes I wonder why I don’t have much patience for people in general, but as soon as shit like this happens I remember vividly.

I take comfort only in the people who are out there also writing blogs, making videos and writing scathing responses to this ignorance and prejudice. Those who support Miss Davuluri far outnumber those who oppose her, but the mass of opposition is still ridiculous, and something that needs to be addressed.

That’s it, I am out of here. I cannot deal with this any longer. I would rather be doing homework.

– Reillyn is AFK –



Study area, minus iPad.

It’s probably a good idea for me to actually start understanding cameras and photography if I’m going to be doing more serious photography for a hobby. Therefore, I have decided that I am going to start researching photography and related subjects, like how to use photoshop properly. So that’s my new project.

Wig Update: The seller has been a wonderful help, and due to the fact that shipping the wig back would be almost redundant and definitely not beneficial from my end, they have offered to refund me 30% of the cost of the new wig as compensation for the inconvenience. I repurchased the correct wig today, so I’m hoping that it will be shipped either Monday or Tuesday. Very excited now.

Also, started Portal 2 last night. Well… 48 minutes in and I’m already really bored. I’m sure it will get better as I go on, but at the moment the levels just seem a little too easy.

But on to the main body of the blog. Annoyances. Mostly for people who have no idea what to do in a restaurant. Generally, there are things that just annoy the crap out of me, and I’m pretty sure I made a video on them, but never got around to uploading it. Maybe that can be tomorrows project. But anyway, things that really annoy me about customers vary from slightly annoying to ohmygodIwanttoburnyourfaceoff. Generally the latter is directed at people who waste my time when it’s really busy. Or the people who ring up to place a take away order who don’t know what’s on the menu. And asking me “well, what do you have?” is more than a little irritating. My usual answer to this question is to either ask them what kind of meat they want, or if they don’t know to refer them to our website. What is either slightly more annoying, or slightly less annoying depending on how hectic we are in the shop, is when people call up to order a take away, and then discuss with their family/friends what everyone wants. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never decided I want take out and waited until I have the person on the phone to know everyone’s orders. Seriously.

And come on customers, I know a lot of you aren’t stupid. Or… some of you. In any case, when we put signs out the front, like ‘sorry, fully booked inside tonight’ or ‘no more orders’, it’s not because we think it adds to the overall look of the business. It’s because we want you to actually read them. So when you come in, after having to walk around or past the sign to get in the door, and ask if we’re still doing take aways, I’m not going to be impressed. And the people who actually make telephone orders, get given a time for their pickup, then arrive ten to fifteen minutes early expecting their pizza to be ready? Fuck you. You are not our only priority. More than likely, we have other takeaway orders, plus tables, who have come before you, hence why we gave you a fucking pickup time. And the customers that you give the takeaway time to, after telling them that there is a queue, who then um and ah about the time you’ve given them, because you haven’t given them the early time that they wanted.

Or the people who call up, ask how long a pizza is going to be without actually knowing what they want to order, and who don’t seem to grasp that some pizzas take longer to cook than others. And that if you have 5 large pizzas, that you’re going to have to wait for a while because, for fucks sake, making and cooking five large pizzas with alterations is going to take time. I’m sorry we can’t all the The Flash and get you everything you want before your arse even hits the seat.

Also, when the restaurant is booked out, and you call to see if there is a table, don’t expect special treatment because you’re a regular. If we’re booked out, the ground staff are not going to be impressed with this cocky shit on the other end of the line telling them that they’re a regular, and couldn’t you fit on one more table for two? No, no we cannot.

And these are only the things that I can think of off the top of my head. If I had time to make a decent list, like I will for when I re-film my rant for my YouTube channel, I could probably think up quite a few more. And not just about customers. If you can think of anything to add, or just have a story about customer service gone wrong, from either side of the counter, feel free to leave it in the comment section below.

In any case, I am tired and going to bed.

– Reillyn is AFK –

So I happen to be the kind of person that freezes up and panic when I do something that is either a huge mistake, or could have resulted in a huge mistake. Or maybe even something that was just a stupid thing to say, or do. And when this happens I really bash myself up about it. Like, really have a go in my head, and it’s something that has been part of my years long psychological battle with myself.


I also tend to over-think things, which doesn’t help with anything, ever.


And while we’re on the subject, I also have a tendency to focus only on one thing at a time. So doing something like taking a phone call makes it almost impossible for me to focus on my spatial awareness, and I end up doing stupid things… like tripping over a tattooing table, therefore almost fucking up a design going on my friend’s arm.


But I think the worst thing is that I cannot stop thinking about things once they have happened. I am someone who dwells on the past and the ‘what if’s of life like nothing else. I am constantly considering what I could have done, wondering if my life will ever be the way I want it to be, etc…


Because of this, I also tend to see things and be sent right back into my unhealthy way of thinking. If you want an example, there is an ad on television at the moment advertizing the fatherhood network or whatever. It involves children playing, imagining and generally being with their fathers, having a good time.


I don’t have a father.


Not in the kind of ‘immaculate conception’ kind of way. My father has been dead for the last four years and it’s something that affects me negatively every day. Which shows exactly how weak I am when it comes to these things, but what can you do… In any case, this kind of ad really fucking hurts because for five years before he passed away my father had a decreased quality of life, and we couldn’t do anything together. For the last year or so he was too tired to even play a game of chess with me. So seeing this kind of representation anywhere drives a knife into my gut and just fucking twists until I’ve got a headache and a locked jaw from holding back tears.


The fact that things like this affect me so friggin much just adds insult to injury, if I’m honest. It’s been four years and I’m still acting like a fucking inpatient. Seriously, isn’t there some kind of medication I can get to harden the fuck up about it. I am seriously sick of being so fucking weak.


Anyway… I don’t even know what I was going to talk about anymore.


I guess I just wanted to get some things off my chest…


This isn’t about cosplay, but this is my blog. You either like it or fuck off, basically.


– Reillyn is AFK –


Here I am again. And yes, this is going to be a bitch-fest because, frankly, I am pissed.

Okay! So I just got an email from YouTube telling me I have a new message. I got rather excited because, let’s face it, I’m not all that popular on the Tube. So I go to YouTube to check it out. I found a message titled “WOTR scammer!! AGAIN!!”.

Oh here we go again…

Witch on the rocks has scammed us AGAIN !!

This time after crying and telling us ALL she WOULD NOT be charging for her NEW spiritual empowerment course she is !! $ 25,50, OR 100 dollars to be exact and that is just for ONE month

But what do you get for all your money …She will answer your emails ( how kind of you SAM ) and give you access to her newletter ( wait wasnt that free already ??? ) you also get some products now worth more than $40 for all your money. How dare you play on spiritual insecurities do gain money AGAIN !!

Proof is here :

Shes has fooled us all ONCE but NOT twice !! She is a scam artist and you are all too nice to see it…not this time!

This is the second time I have been contacted by people trying to get me on this “agenda”, however this is the first time I have actually responded to them. The first time was, again, about Witch On The Rocks, or Sami. People have been trying to “expose” her for multiple things that I have decided not to have an opinion about, so this is really just the last straw.

By not having an opinion, I mean that I do not believe either side of the story. I was not there when those posts or other pieces of “evidence” were posted, and as it is I find them inconclusive at best.

So I have crafted a reply that has been sent to this new YouTube channel. A channel, may I add, that was only created today and that I have a feeling will soon be abandoned.

Dear “Exposing WitchOnTheRocks”

In response to your recent skillfully worded message, I have but one thing to say…

Well just look at all the fucks I give.

In case you are not familiar with sarcasm or internet memes, I shall explain further.

Unless I am personally affected by this so called “scam”, I really don’t want to hear about it. I am not interested, and frankly I am furious that I am once again an accessory to someone’s personal agenda against another individual.

I am not interested in ruining lives over rumors and speculation.

Please do not contact me again.

This is me being subtle. I was very tempted to just write the words “fuck off” in large, bold, capital letters and send it. But that would be immature…

– Reillyn is AFK –

et cetera