Child Of Nuin

Hi, I’m Reillyn, also known as Pagan Rei, TaizuRei, Miss Reillyn and many other weird and wonderful things.

I’m a geeky Australian girl, who is a bit eclectic in many, many ways. I am a fem-gamer, with a bit of a goth-meets-hippy wardrobe and an outlook on life that makes me wonder how mentally mature I really am.

I am a founding member of Fandom Hearts Productions, a small, newly formed cosplay and YouTube group.

I am a vlogger, a blogger, an artist, a linguist, a writer, a singer, a geek and an anime nerd.

Really, I’m just your typically awesome Aussie girl looking for her place in the world. If you can help me find it, I’d appreciate it!

I know I left it around here somewhere…


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