Child Of Nuin

{September 4, 2013}   Oh my WordPress…

Well would you look at that, I’ve neglected by blog… again…

Sorry about that.

I’ve been studying rather hard (*snort*) for uni this semester, and almost forgot that I had a blog all together. Again, my bad. But I have been getting quite a bit done this semester. Including helping found a University Society. We are the Pagan and Esoteric Society, fondly knows around as the P&E Society.

We’re thinking about changing it to PAGES. I like it. It’s got a ring to it.

In any case, that is basically what I wanted to say. Three of the members of PAGES (see, doesn’t it just read so much better) are collaborating our blogs for the purpose of getting together a bit of a shared-blogisphere thing for the society. Which means I may be updating this thing a lot more.


Anyway, apart from that, here’s a basic update in dot-point form:
– I’ve become Marketer for the Tasmanian Anime and Manga Society
– I’ve become President for the Pagan and Esoteric Society
– I’ve settled in to my place quite well
– I have a blender

Yup, I think that’s everything important.

Also, as I type this I am in Melbourne after having seen King Kong the Musical in the Regent Theatre last night. If you are in the general vicinity (and by that I mean anywhere in Australia, because come on) you should definitely head out to see it. The hydraulic work and the skill of the puppeteers alone is worth it. I wasn’t a fan of the musical score, but the singing was phenomenal.

Anyway, I’m done. See you guys next time.

– Reillyn is AFK –


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